Standard Terms & Conditions


The “Terms & Conditions” outlined herein are applicable for ALL “standard” quotations from Rahn Plastics Inc. (May be herein after referred to as *RPI).

Download Rahn Plastics Terms and Conditions here

  • Applicable (if any) taxes are not included in any pricing at the time of quotation or within published *RPI price books/sheets
  • Rahn Plastics Inc. reserves the right to stipulate *special Terms & Conditions for: Projects, Supply Agreements &/or unique Tender Opportunities.
  • All pricing is CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be released to any third party without the ex-press written consent of Rahn Plastics Inc.
  • Minimum Order Quantities or “Set-Up Fee’s” may apply (as stipulated at the time of quotation) for *special/non-stock production items.
  • Due to Administrative processing costs, a minimum PO value of $100 is required per transaction. A fee may be auto-generated for any PO’s of less than $100 (Canadian currency)
  • This fee is stipulated herein to be the difference between the value of your PO and $100.00
  • All Pricing extended by *RPI is to be interpreted (unless otherwise stipulated in writing at the time of quotation) in the currency of the country in which the Purchase is extended from.
  • Shipments going outside of North America should ALWAYS be interpreted as quoted in US Currency.
  • No freight nor % provision thereof is included in any standard pricing docs.
  • All PO’s will be processed as FOB: North Bay, ON Canada *unless otherwise stipulated (in advance) in writing at the time of the official quotation.
  • In the event where Freight Allowed Terms are extended, they are to be interpreted/executed in the following way (unless otherwise stipulated – in writing – at the time of official quotation).
  • Consolidated Standard GROUND shipment. Broken/additional shipments (if required) will be “prepaid and charged” to customer unless otherwise stipulated – in writing & in advance of order processing.
  • Expedited (air or other) freight does NOT apply to Freight Allowed terms unless otherwise stipulated (in writing) and mutually agreed to by Authorized Company Officials in advance.
  • Freight Allowed Terms never include provision for Duties, Brokerage Fee’s and/or applicable (if any) taxes on international shipments. These fees are always in-tended to be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.
  • There are NO additional charges or fees for “today” orders but we do ask for your under-standing in cases where it is not possible to execute the shipment because your order was placed after Noon Eastern Time on the same day.
  • Standard Payment Terms are Net 30 Days. A 2% per month financing charge will be applied to any account in overdue status.
  • *RPI may elect NOT to ship goods to customers who are determined to be PAST DUE on invoices. This action to be considered and/or taken at the sole discretion of *RPI.
  • Custom Fabrication or Non-Stock Products are generally considered to be NON-Returnable, NON-cancellable unless otherwise stipulated (in writing) at the time of quotation or PRIOR to order processing.
  • Products purchased more than 1 year prior will be considered NON returnable.
  • Standard Re-stock FEE of 35% will apply to all allowable returned items which are deemed to be re-saleable. This product is always subject to inspection at the time of receipt and the shipment may be refused at the SOLE discretion of *RPI.
  • A cost recovery fee will be applied to any allowed *special order cancellation. This fee will be tabulated based on progression of the project and may include provision for equipment, parts, labour or “other” costs incurred as a result of the order.
  • Any shipping discrepancies must be reported to *RPI within 30 days of landed delivery date.