Standard Terms & Conditions

Standard Terms & Conditions

The “Terms & Conditions” outlined herein are applicable for ALL “standard” quotations from Rahn Plastics Inc. (hereinafter referred to as *RPI).

Rahn Plastics Terms and Conditions

RPI Warranty Statement
RPI Déclaration de garantie

  • General Warranty Rahn Plastics Products are carefully inspected for manufacturing defects; however, it is not always possible to detect hidden defects.Said Products are warranted to the extent that Rahn Plastics will repair or replace without charge or issue a credit, should this be the most practical resolution to a validated warranty claimProducts proved to have manufacturing defects within twelve (12) months from of the date of shipment per invoice and provided Rahn Plastics has been given an opportunity to inspect the Product alleged to be defective and the installation and/or use thereof. Rahn Plastics does not warrant any Products obtained through an unauthorized Distributor, Dealer or Agent.We hereby disclaim any obligation or liability to consequential damages, labor costs or any other claims or liabilities of any kind whatsoever.This warranty does not apply where: repairs have been made or attempted by other; repairs are due to normal wear.The product has been altered, abused or in an accident; or if misuse is evident.

    Rahn Plastics is not liable for damage of any sort, including incidental and consequential damages.

  • Applicable (if any) taxes are not included in any pricing at the time of quotation or within published *RPI price books/sheets
  • Rahn Plastics Inc. reserves the right to stipulate special Terms & Conditions for: Projects, Supply Agreements &/or unique Tender Opportunities.
  • All pricing is CONFIDENTIAL and cannot be released to any third party without the express written consent of Rahn Plastics Inc.
  • Minimum Order Quantities or “Set-Up Fee’s” may apply (as stipulated at the time of quotation) for *special/non-stock production items.
  • Due to Administrative processing costs, a minimum PO value of $100 is required per transaction. A fee may be auto-generated for any PO’s of less than $100 (Canadian currency)
    • This fee is stipulated herein to be the difference between the value of your PO and $100.00
  • All Pricing extended by *RPI is to be interpreted (unless otherwise stipulated in writing at the time of quotation) in the currency of the country in which the Purchase is extended from.
    • Pricing is subject to change based on the current Exchange Rate at the time of your purchase. Due to the final purchase pricing being subject to adjustment based on currency exchange (in whole or in part), we stipulate that the Bank of Canada Noonday rate on that date of your purchase be used as fair reference. The Seller reserves their right to adjust the selling price ONLY if the exchange rate is shown to fluctuate greater than +/- .05 during the 30 days that your quotation remained VALID.
    • Shipments going outside of North America should ALWAYS be interpreted as quoted in US Currency.
  • No freight nor % provision thereof is included in any standard pricing docs.
  • All PO’s will be processed as FOB: North Bay, ON Canada *unless otherwise stipulated (in advance) in writing at the time of the official quotation.
  • Freight allowed (standard ground consolidated) may be offered for domestic (Canadian mainland) orders greater than $2500 NET on our manufactured molded products only (NET is after all discounts and before any applicable taxes).
  • In the event where Freight Allowed Terms are extended, they are to be interpreted/executed in the following way (unless otherwise stipulated – in writing – at the time of official quotation).
    • Consolidated Standard GROUND shipment. Broken/additional shipments (if required) will be “prepaid and charged” to customer unless otherwise stipulated – in writing & in advance of order processing.
    • Expedited (air or other) freight does NOT apply to Freight Allowed terms unless otherwise stipulated (in writing) and mutually agreed to by Authorized Company Officials in advance.
    • Freight Allowed Terms never include provision for Duties, Brokerage Fee’s and/or applicable (if any) taxes on international shipments. These fees are always intended to be the sole responsibility of the Buyer.
  • There are NO additional charges or fees for “today” orders but we do ask for your understanding in cases where it is not possible to execute the shipment because your order was placed after Noon Eastern Time on the same day.
  • Standard Payment Terms are Net 30 Days. A 2% per month financing charge will be applied to any accounts in overdue status.
  • *RPI may elect NOT to ship goods to customers who are determined to be PAST DUE on invoices. This action is to be considered and/or taken at the sole discretion of *RPI.
  • Custom Fabrication or Non-Stock Products are generally considered to be NON-Returnable, NON-cancellable unless otherwise stipulated (in writing) at the time of quotation or PRIOR to order processing.
  • Products purchased more than 1 year prior will be considered NON returnable.
  • Standard Re-stock FEE of 35% will apply to all allowable returned items which are deemed to be re-sellable. This product is always subject to inspection at the time of receipt and the shipment may be refused at the SOLE discretion of *RPI.
  • A cost recovery fee will be applied to any allowed *special order cancellation. This fee will be tabulated based on progression of the project and may include provision for equipment, parts, labour or “other” costs incurred as a result of the order.
  • Any shipping discrepancies must be reported to *RPI within 30 days of landed delivery date.
  • All Rahn Plastics Inc. product pricing is subject to raw material increases and/or decreases. If during the period between quotation and procurement polyethylene resin costs increase or decrease by more than 15%, Rahn Plastics Inc. reserves the right to adjust prices accordingly.